The Speedo Biofuse range is the market leader in high-end swimming goggles and you can get yours here


Speedo is a true expert brand in swimming, with over 100 years’ experience in the creating high-quality swimwear for men,women und Kinder. Bringing style and functionality in equally-high measures, we have hundreds of Speedo swimwear products, from women’s and girl’s Speedo swimsuits, swimming costumes und racing suits, to men’s Speedo picks like Speedo swim trunks, swim shorts und jammers – plus lots of boys’ swimwear too. Don’t forget you can also find your important Schwimmzubehör from Speedo here, including Speedo goggles, swimming caps, arm bands und other swimming aids. You can also check out our Speedo Buying Guide for a little extra help choosing the swimwear that will help you make a splash in the pool or perfect your beach look.